Orders - rethought!

Learn more about our new concept and the benefits it can have for you.

·       Simplified communication between warehouse and purchasing

·       Faster ordering process

·       No annoying writing down of article numbers

·       Via smartphone, without a scanner

·       Also available with a mobile app on request

Procedure and structure of the infrastructure

Step 1

You decide which products in your warehouse you want to equip with the Easy-2-Order function.

Step 2

We will produce the codes for those products (FREE OF CHARGE!) and send them to you at the desired address.

Step 3

As soon as the product codes are installed in your warehouse, you can use the Easy-2-Order function without restrictions.

Insider tip:

For the most efficient use of the E2O function, we recommend using our specially developed app. To find out more, please get in touch with us and arrange an introduction and demonstration meeting if required.

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