Why our products are prefect ?

1. Service

We do not see special requests as a problem, but as a challenge that we are happy to face with passion, with the aim of optimizing the processes of your production and any internal processes and making them as efficient as possible.

2. Quality

Quality is a standard for us, because only the best is good enough, which is why we spend a lot of time checking our products for any weak points. If an item does not pass these tests, it will not be offered in our online shop.

3. Efficiency

On the international market, we can convince in two respects with our service: On the one hand, we can offer our customers very short delivery times thanks to our in-house production. On the other hand, we are also one of the only companies that offer repairs to pneumatic products.

4. International

In the many years as a successful trading company, we have developed more and more into an internationally active company due to our competitiveness and today serve numerous customers throughout Europe.

5. Sustainability

When shipping our goods, we rely on sustainable packaging materials for our environment and common future.

6. Consistency

In addition to our high quality standards, we as Beta Automation also convince with our long company history, as a stable company with tradition and over 30 years of experience.

7. Team-Work

A great company needs great employees, because without an outstanding team, such complex challenges that we encounter every day cannot be overcome.

Our service

Since 1992, Beta Automatisierung Handels GmbH has been engaged in the distribution of pneumatic products from some well-known international manufacturers in Austria. Our product range covers the entire spectrum of compressed air technology. Both standard cylinders and special cylinders in a wide variety of designs are built directly by us, so that we can offer our customers very short delivery times. Furthermore, our product range includes products for vacuum technology, as well as the construction of pneumatic control cabinets on customer request. In the field of automation technology, we have been dealing with the implementation of special solutions for special customer requirements for several years. As part of this activity, we have successfully developed a system for load testing of photovoltaic or solar modules, as well as a hail test device for these elements for some international testing institutes. The above modules, as well as other building materials (such as glass, plastics, etc.) can be tested for wind pressure, snow loads and hailstorms.

Vacuum suction cups

Industrial vacuum cups have revolutionized the safe and gentle handling of production parts of different formats and materials

Vacuum ejector

Vacuum ejectors, which work according to the Venturi principle, generate up to 90% vacuums using only compressed air, so they are independent of electricity

Compressed air hoses

Compressed air hoses enable flexible transport of liquid and gaseous materials

Special cylinder construction

We manufacture cylinders exactly according to your needs:

- Special strokes from 0 to 2800 mm

- Various types of seals (NBR, Viton,...)

- Different materials (nickel-plated brass, stainless steel,...)

- Special cylinder types (telescopic cylinders)

Control cabinet construction

We also have electrical cabinets and pneumatic controls for every need in our range. On request, we can manufacture custom-fit control cabinets for you in various sizes and designs.



As a company, Beta Automatisierung Handels GmbH strives to win the locally based companies as cooperation partners in the implementation of its corporate goals and thus also to support the local industry. It is especially thanks to our employees that Beta Automatisierung Handels GmbH can respond very flexibly and individually to the requirements of our customers. This is because special solutions in pneumatics and vacuum technology as well as in automation technology are core competencies of the company. The aim is to establish a long-term cooperation between Beta Automatisierung Handels GmbH and our customers in order to support their product developments and innovations and thus strengthen the domestic economy.